April 27, 2017

Five Aspects

This is a brief description of the five aspects of this ministry and we value your prayers and support.

These are the Five Aspects of PICN. These five aspects of the ministry must be healthy and up to par to be effective in reach the nation for Christ fulfilling our vision, mission and goals.

Personnel/Human Resources

This aspect of the ministry is about the spiritual well-being of our workers, volunteers and staff.
It is to insure that everyone is in the right position, with the right training and ability, in the center of God’s will, being everything God would have he/she to be.
The structure of Pacific Island Christian Network radio ministry is, Evangelical Bible Mission Trust Board (the trustees), Pacific Island Christian Network Board of Directors (The Board) and Management (the management team)


This aspect of the ministry has to do with the infrastructure needed to cover the nation with Christian radio and having the tools needed to do so. Such as transmitters, transmitter’s sites, Transmitters huts, radio links (STL) between transmitter sites and studios, studios building, studio equipment, transportation and so forth.


Once we have transmitter sites and the location to transmit from we need the audio programming. This aspect of programs has to do with the content of the three stations, both music and teaching programs. We thank the Lord there are plenty of English programs to choose from for Radio Light that have been tried and proven. We do not need to waist funds or time in repeating what has already been done. We also thank the Lord that there is Hindi programming available as well but we still need to produce some programming in Hindustani to help us reach our mission and target audience on Naya Jiwan. We need your support and the Help of the Lord in producing our Fijian programming because there is no programming available in the Fijian language for Nai Talai.


This is a great aspect of our ministry. Through publications such as our website, Face Book pages, thank you notes, newsletters and other promotional material we are able to share our vision, mission and goals, keeping our supporters and friends up to date in what God is doing in and through the ministry of Pacific Island Christian Network.


This aspect of the ministry is one of the hardest to talk about. We are a faith ministry and our hope is in the Lord but we are also a part of the Body of Christ which we depend upon. There are several ways we can generate support. By laying good foundations in the ministry where donations already received keep giving, such as through our properties, another way is through programs and events by encouraging sponsorships and through our on-air presence and publications. We have set aside 90% of our 0n-airtime to present the gospel of Christ and 10% of the airtime for presenting the needs to our listeners, asking them to pray and ask the Lord what he would have them do in supporting these stations and giving them the opportunity to give. We do this twice a year through our Sharathons. We have one starting on the 3rd Wednesday of February and the second starts the 3rd Wednesday of September. Both start with a Day of Prayer and Praise followed by three days of Fund Raising. We have drop-off points across the nation where support can be dropped off at. There are five ways supporters can give. The five ways are, a One Time Donation , a Monthly Donation (ministry partner), a Sponsorship (of a program, event, a day, or special project), and by being a Prayer Warrior. If a donor chooses to make a donation at death, he or she can do so by making a formal bequest to the Lilly Waqalala Fund. We also are able to raise funds through our publications and church visits. Donations can be given for specific needs as designated support, as well as just to our regular monthly expenses. All donations are held in trust and to be invested to bear fruit on behalf of the donor till Christ comes.