April 27, 2017

Radio Light – Program Schedule


Monday-Friday Time: English Program Saturday Time: English Program
2:00am Focus on the Family 6:30am-12:30pm My Utmost for His Highest
5:00am Our Daily Bread 7:00am-7:00pm Words To Live By-Weekend(Repeat)
5:30am “It’s Time to Pray” Call 3319536 7:30am-8:00pm Science, Scripture and Salvation
6:00am Bulletin Board (Free) 8:00am-4:30pm Adventure in Odyssey- Weekend (repeat)
6:20am Our Daily Bread 8:30am Unshackled-Weekend (repeat)
6:30am Back to the Bible 9:00am-3:30pm Your Story Hour
7:00am Focus on the Family 9:30am-4:00pm Down Gilead Lane
7:30am Insight for Living 11:00am 20 the Countdown Magazine
8:00am My Utmost for His Highest 3:15pm Keys for Kids
8:20am Proverbs 31 Ministry 9:00pm-11:00pm Fijian Music
8:30am The Gospel Truth
8:50am Word with You Sunday Time: English Program
9:00am Gateway to Joy 6:00am-10:30pm Sound Of Joy
9:30am Women of Hope(Wednesday Only) 6:30am-12:30pm My Utmost for His Highest
10:00am PSA- Bulletin Board (Free) 7:00am-7:00pm Words To Live By
11:00am Crown Financial Ministries 7:30am-8:00pm Focus on the Family
12:00pm My Utmost for His Highest 8:00am-4:30pm Adventures in Odyssey
1:00pm PSA –  Bulletin Board (Free) 8:30am_9:00pm Unshackled
1:40pm Our Daily Bread 9:00am-10:00pm The Wesleyan Hour(Norman Wilson)
1:50pm The Gospel Truth 9:30am-5:00pm Let My People Think (Ravi Zacharias)
2:00pm “It’s Time to Pray” Call 3319536 10:00am-6:00pm Living In The Light (Anne Graham Lotz)
3:10pm Nature’s Corner (For Kids)
3:30pm Your Story Hour FIJIAN PROGRAMS Time:
4:10pm Story Time Children’s Bible Monday-Sunday Time: English Program
4:30pm Adventures in Odyssey 5:10am Noda Yalala
5:00pm PSA –  Bulletin Board (Free) 7:30am Noda Yalala
5:10pm Our Daily Bread 2:50pm Noda Yalala
5:30pm Word with You 7:40pm Noda Yalala
6:20pm Proverbs 31 Ministry 9:30pm Noda Yalala
6:40pm My Utmost for His Highest 6:10am Ai Vaqavakayalo
7:00pm Back to the Bible 12:50pm Ai Vaqavakayalo
7:30pm Crown Financial Ministries 6:10pm Ai Vaqavakayalo
7:45pm PSA – Bulletin Board (Free) Saturday
8:00pm Focus On the Family 8:00pm-12:00am Saturday Nights Music
9:00pm Insight for Living
10:00pm  Note: Mon.(Stories of Great Christians).Tues(Living In The Light) HINDUSTANI PROGRAMS
Wed.(Ravi Zechariahs)Thur.(The Wesleyan Hour)Fri.(Bookshelf),Sat.(Fijian Music) 2:00pm-3:00pm Sunday Afternoon Worship

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