April 27, 2017


Radio Light, Naya Jiwan and Nai Talai are ministries of Evangelical Bible Mission Trust Board. (EBM Trust Board) Our purpose is to spread the Gospel of Christ Jesus and to show Christ’s love by helping those in need. Our mission is twofold. Our ministry is to the lost with the Message of the Cross, “no you cannot get to heaven without salvation except through Christ alone“, while our ministry is also to the Body of Christ with the Message of Holiness. “Be ye holy for I am Holy, be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, to be equal in all your ways“.


EBM Trust Board was issued a broadcast license in 1994. Radio Light began broadcasting from Shop 11B, Pacific Harbour Cultural Centre on FM106 on November the 26th of 1996. In July of 1997 Radio Light began broadcasting in Suva on FM93.6. Now Radio Light can also be heard in Sigatoka, Nadi and surrounding areas. In October 1st 2004 Radio Naya Jiwan (New Life) our Hindi station went to air on FM94.8 in Suva and we look forward to Nai Talai, (The Messenger) our Fijian station coming soon. Radio Light now covers over half the population of Fiji with coverage from Nausori to Nadi. Radio Light also covers Kandavu Island and the outer islands in these areas, while Radio Naya Jiwan covers The Greater Suva area. Our vision is to cover the nation of Fiji with Christian radio in all three major languages of, English, Fijian and Hindustani and to have an effect on the South Pacific as a whole. By your support you have become part of all of this. Our frequencies where change in June 2011. Radio Light can now be heard on FM104, and FM104.2, while Naya Jiwan can be heard on FM94.6 and online at http://nayajiwan.radio12345.com. Nai Talai is also streamed at http://naitalai.radio12345.com


Radio Light’s format is teaching with Inspirational music, with a target audience from the age of 25 and upwards, with some programs for Children and youth. Radio Lights main ministry focus is on the family and those who are carrying responsibilities in the church and community. Naya Jiwan’s format is a music format with some teaching and short programs, with a target audience from the age of 18 to 28 and those who are asking many questions about life and God. Our main goal for Naya Jiwan is to reach out to the lost with the Gospel of Christ, as 98% of the Hindi speaking population in Fiji are Non-Christian. We hope to introduce them to the true and living God who knows all our problems and cares, the giver of Life, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Nai Talai’s has a music format with some teaching, with a focus on the family and revival.


We need your prayers and support. These stations are listener supported, through donations and sponsorships. Please pray for our biannual Sharathon during third week of February and third week of September each year. Please pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send forth workers. Pray that the Lord would lead us and guide us as we make plans and organize ourselves to accomplish these goals. Our desire is to be faithful in all we do. We need Gods strength and leading to do this. Our prayers is for everyone in Fiji to be able to listen to Christian radio, to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ in their own language, so that they can be encouraged, strengthened and transformed, becoming active members of the Body of Christ and thus influencing their neighbourhood and the nation for Christ. Our Theme is “Till Christ Comes….”and when he comes may he find us faithful!