April 30, 2017

The Vision, Mission, Goals and Theme

Our Vision is to cover the nation of Fiji with Christian radio in all three major languages of, English, Fijian and Hindustani and to have an effect on the South Pacific as a whole.

Our Mission is twofold. Our ministry is to the lost with the Message of the Cross, “no you cannot get to heaven without salvation except through Christ alone“, while our ministry is also to the Body of Christ with the Message of Holiness. “Be ye holy for I am Holy, be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, to be equal in all your ways“.

Our Goal is for everyone in Fiji to be able to listen to Christian radio, to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ in their own language, so that they can be encouraged, strengthened and transformed, becoming active members of the Body of Christ and thus influencing their neighbourhood and the nation for Christ.

Our Theme is “Till Christ Comes….” And when he comes may He find us faithful.